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About Us

The Universal Health Coverage (UHC) goals which all nations have pledged to target globally,requires capable multidisciplinary teams to work together at all levels of health care. Availability of effective primary care services is associated with better health outcomes andits’provision through a well-netted network of healthcare professionals is the need of hour.

Indus Hospital and Health network is the only healthcare organization in Pakistan with an established model of primary healthcare. This network is enabled through public-private partnerships, with a multidisciplinary team comprising of family medicine specialists, allied health, public and community health experts.

The Indus College of Family Medicine and Public Health under the Indus University of Health Sciences has been launched to provide a platform for teaching and training of primary care practitioners.These professionals can therefore work together to improve public health outcomes through provision of preventive, diagnostic, curative and rehabilitative health care to individuals and communities.


The college will lead for capacity building, collaboration and integration of family medicine, primary care and public health specialties, to provide evidence based, high quality, community oriented basic healthcare with advanced professional and ethical standards.


To develop leadership in community healthcare through teaching and training family physicians, general practitioners, public health practitioners and healthcare researchers; bridging the gap and bringing together various stakeholders to strengthen and enhance quality of primary health care.

Core Values

  • Teamwork approach - Collaboration between trained family physicians and public health experts including nursing and allied health professionals, supporting each other to enhance quality of primary healthcare in the community and general population.
  • Integrity - Provision of care within the boundaries of medical ethics.
  • Professionalism - To provide high quality care and evidence based best practices.
  • Respect - Respecting all health care professionals, colleagues and patients.
  • Compassion - Working with zeal and dedication towards strengthening of primary healthcare.
  • Optimism and hope - Working together with a positive attitude towards improving the well-being of individuals, families and general population.

On Going Program

    1. Clinical Research Training Series - Protocol Development
    2. Structured Training Recognized by MRCGP [INT.] South Asia Board Leading to MRCGP [INT.] (International Membership of Royal College of General Practitioners, UK)
    3. Family Medicine Practice Training (FMPT)

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