Amtul Anis






Amtul Anis was the Founding Director of ICoNM with 25 years of dedicated service towards the growth of the ICoNM. 

To bring the nursing profession dignified respect in Pakistan, she introduced Nursing Notes for the first time in the history of Pakistan in 1973. It was the same year when PNC replaced Certificate Program into Diploma program. In 1976, she established and started the School of Nursing (SoN) at Federal Hospital Islamabad with government support and was posted there as a Principal of SoN. Later she came back to Karachi and served as a Principal SoN at Jinnah Postgraduate & Medical College (JPMC) till 1978. And then she was appointed as Chief Nursing Services, JPMC Karachi between the periods of 1978 to 1985.

In 1988, Ms. Anis created a history by preparing ‘Service Structure’ first the time for nurses of Pakistan with the help of Federal Health Secretary. In the same year, she initiated the project to revise Basic and Post Basic Nursing Curriculum which had not been revised since 1948.

Ms. Anis played an instrumental role in the foundation and progress of ICoNM. She always emboldened her students and faculty to follow and adopt three principles: Discipline, Dedication & Dignity.